Agregar Otras Aplicaciones a las Videoconferencias De ZOOM

MailChimp Notifications

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MarketingSubscribe and receive campaign updates from MailChimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to automate your marketing campaigns. The Mailchimp chat app for Zoom allows you to receive notifications pertaining to campaign performance results in your Zoom Chat channels.

YouTube for Zoom

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RecordingsAutomatically Upload Recordings to YouTube provides this connector to auto upload Zoom meeting and webinar recordings to your YouTube channel. Once the connector is authorized and configured, all of your video recordings will be auto transferred to the video channel that you have authorized. This is a paid app – after 7 day free trial.

Once the connector is authorized and the handshake is done, you will see options to:

  1. Delete Zoom recordings in the Zoom Cloud once the video is uploaded to YouTube
  2. Upload Webinar only recordings which is a most common use case – by default, this connector will upload all of your meeting and webinar recordings
  3. Make the uploaded videos public – by default, this is set to private

The connector will filter out the audio files and transcripts and will upload only the video recordings.

Please also note that the recordings will be moved from the time this app is fully installed in your account. If you want this to be retroactive (meaning, to move past recordings that are in Zoom), please contact our support for a pricing quote.


Splain provides a complete report of your transfers. You can select «Manage» option under the app and select «Configure» to check the reports or set the features.


This connector comes with a 7 day free trial and $4.99 per user/month.


By Clipwise LLCWorks with: Zoom MeetingsApp infoManageWho Can Install


RecordingsCreate clips from Zoom Meeting recordings, share, then collaborate around just the key moments.

Note-taking & recaps, reimagined.

A new kind of communication tool for Zoom Pro, Business, & Enterprise users to collaborate more effectively with recording clips.

Smarter Collaboration

Clipwise works natively with your Zoom account to import videos. Create clips, share, then collaborate around just the key moments.

Build Your Personal Library of Key Moments

  • Tag – organize and search your recordings with a flexible tagging structure.
  • Clip – playback your recordings at adjustable speed and create clips.
  • Share – create self-recorded videos and timestamped notes for sharing context.
  • Track – know when others have viewed, liked, or commented on your clips.

Set Yourself and Your Team Up For Success

  • 1:1 & Team Meetings – internal meetings, coaching conversations, mentor sessions. Keep a private history of all your important conversations.
  • Customer Meetings – external meetings, investor conversations, sales calls. Self-reflect and share only the key moments with participants.
  • Work & Social Posts – weekly checkins, web reviews, social posts. Use your web conferencing app to self record and send to other platforms.
  • Lectures & Notes – classes, office hours, peer-to-peer note sharing. Stay current and improve performance by recording all your interactions.

Zoom for Doodle

By DoodleWorks with: Zoom MeetingsApp infoManage


SchedulingAutomatically add a unique Zoom link to every meeting you schedule with Doodle. Get video conferencing for all your Doodle one-on-ones, group meetings

The Doodle-Zoom integration makes it possible to automatically include a unique Zoom link in every meeting you schedule with Doodle. This goes for all your one-on-ones, group meetings, and Bookable Calendar appointments. Each meeting you schedule with Doodle will also appear in your Zoom upcoming meeting list. 

  • Automatically include a unique Zoom link for every meeting you schedule 
  • Cut down on busywork – no more manually adding Zoom links to calendar events
  • Easy updates – Zoom links will update automatically if you reschedule meetings
  • Increase show rates for your meetings – give your guests or clients both the when and the where 


  • Sign up for your Doodle account to enable the Doodle-Zoom integration

By Colibri.aiWorks with: Zoom MeetingsApp infoManage


TranscriptionsColibri records your Zoom calls, transcribes them as you speak and generates concise searchable meeting notes, so you can focus on the conversation.

Here is how Colibri improves your Zoom meeting experience:

Record every Zoom meeting with ease

With the Colibri app, all meetings you host are automatically recorded and transcribed. You don’t need to lift a finger to start recording. 

Get closed captions of your Zoom meetings

Colibri converts speech to text in real time and provides closed captions of the meeting as you speak, so you never miss a word. 

Automatically capture key points

You can highlight important information during the call with one click and quickly review all the key points in highlights summary after the call.

Search and share 

Colibri keeps your call recordings, transcripts and meeting summaries in one place and makes it easy to quickly find, review and share your conversations with teammates.

Important notes:

  • Colibri supports only English at the moment.
  • Colibri is available only to Zoom Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts.
  • In order to use Colibri, you will need to enable live streaming to for your Zoom account.

For more information, visit or contact us at

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